Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bootcamp & Bras

After trying a spinning class last week, I was easily talked in to going to bootcamp today at lunch. I even decided to purchase a Fitness Class Punch Card, which will allow me to attend 10 more classes. I am definitely interested in trying the TRX class and the spinning class (again). I love the chalkboard walls at Walker Ice & Fitness! The one in my workout room isn't nearly this great!

After bootcamp I came home for lunch, a shower, and food prepping. I was able to cook chicken for me to use on salads for lunch and get all of my fruits and veggies prepped for the week. Then B showed me the new scale he bought. My husband is a geek and has to research everything! He found a website that helps him with this geekiness and found this scale on The Sweethome

We ended the day with a quick trip to Target. I wanted to check out their sports bras after being told by a friend and reading Monica's post on Run Eat Repeat about their sports bras. I picked up two so we'll see how they hold up. I have bought a few different brands and am still searching for one with good coverage and support. 

Do you have a favorite sports bra? What did you do today?


  1. Bootcamp at lunch sounds like a great idea! Multitasking at its finest.

    1. I really enjoyed it. I am enjoying the classes more than I thought I would.