Monday, March 16, 2015

Slow & Steady

My weight loss has been slow. When I began I didn't workout and I ate horribly. I was eating Cheetos and Diet Coke for breakfast and ate out frequently. My husband and I ordered so much pizza one night the manager called me back to give me a lower price. He told me he normally applied a coupon because we ordered so frequently. Embarrassing!

So... My trainer tried really hard to get me to work out four times a week. However, I was more of a 2-3 times a week (maybe). I also started tracking everything I ate in myfitnesspal on my iPhone. I didn't really change how I ate, but I tracked what I ate. I continue to track my food in myfitnesspal. I even changed my profile from private to public so now my friends can see what I eat.

I have slowly begun to change what I eat. I usually eat a Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick or other granola bar for breakfast. The Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick are one of my favorites! I also love the Dannon Fit & Light Greek Yogurts. I will be honest that I have not really given other greek yogurt brands a real chance. That is something I need to do. 

I became really frustrated that I wasn't loosing weight like I wanted about a year ago. It was then I started to look more at what I was eating. I began eating more complex carbs (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etcetera). I also began bringing Progressive Light Soups with whole wheat saltines to work for lunch. I am continuing to try and eat healthier, but it is definitely a process for me. 

In July 2014, I purchased a heart rate monitor so I would have a more accurate way to know the calories I was burning. This was perfect for me. I love setting goals for myself and knowing what I was really burning instead guessing.  It also helped push me to workout a little longer to get to a certain number of calories. I have the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor (Amazon).

When I started seeing Lyndsey (my trainer) again in 2013 I had already quit the gym. I felt intimidated there. So I bought a set of 10 pound dumbbells and began working out at home. Over the past year I have had added more workout gear and continue to work out at home. 

I continue to try and eat cleaner. My husband and I no longer eat out nearly as often and we are incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our meals. However, all of these steps have and will continue to be slow for me. 

Check out my personal trainers page at Broccoli & Barbells. She has workout ideas and some amazing recipes!

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