Monday, March 23, 2015

Favorite Apps

I use a couple different applications on my iPhone related to health and fitness. I am sure there are a lot more out there that I have to discover, but these are the four I use currently. 

I use MyFitnessPal daily. I have been tracking what I eat daily for a couple of years now. There are times I get busy or finish logging my food, but I complete my entry the next day. I am definitely not perfect about it, but it at least gives me a guideline of how I am doing. 

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is an app I use whenever I do a tabata workout at home. I like that you can personalize it. Tabata is one of my favorite workouts and this is a lifesaver for doing it at home!

Interval Timer is an app I use for running/walking and other timed workouts. I have been using this app for training to run a 5k. I needed to build myself up slowly as far as running times and this helped me when I was running outside to let me know when it was time to run or walk. I also use this for a workout my trainer has me do where I do 10 exercises back-to-back for 60 seconds, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds with a rest between each set. It sounds easy, but it's killer! 

I used Sworkit Pro a lot before we got a treadmill for cardio days. I am now doing run/walks on cardio days, but I still love to use this app when I am traveling. It lets you choose what type of workout you would like to do (cardio, strength, yoga, stretching) and then you can continue to customize it for a specific amount of time. 

What are your favorite apps to use?


  1. I like the idea of Sworkit. I mostly just use Zombies Run (though I'm on haitus until season 4 comes out) and Nike+

    1. I have never heard of Zombies Run. It sounds fun! I am going to have to try that out. Thanks!