Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lists! Lists! Lists!

Does anyone else love to make lists? I love lists and make multiple. For example, I make a Goal List ever year, project lists, home to do lists (daily & weekly, work to do lists (weekly & daily), different weight loss lists, grocery lists, etcetera. These can usually be found in my favorite spiral bound tablets that are all over my house.

In the past couple weeks I have re-wrote two lists pertaining to my weight loss. One list is my reward list for loosing 5 pounds and the second list is my why list. I wrote these lists a couple years ago when I started to get serious about weight loss the first time. However, with everything that has happened in the past year and a half, my trainer has been prodding me to re-write these lists.

The reward list is just that... rewards for loosing 5 pounds. The rewards are broken out in 5 pound increments with smaller items for five pounds and a little larger for ten pounds. For example, my first five pound loss reward is the book Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander #2). My first 10 pound loss reward is a pedicure by my favorite nail technician.

I didn't complete the goal list, but I wrote it out to see how long it would take me to reach my goal weight if I lost five pounds every month. It would take me approximately a year. What I want now though and what I want in six months will be different so I left some things blank.

The other list is a why list about why I want to loose the weight. I am not showing or writing out my entire list because some are a little personal. So here are a few of my reasons why I want to loose weight:

  1. to enjoy shopping again
  2. more energy
  3. to feel and be confident (again)
  4. to live a healthy lifestyle
  5. sleep better
  6. smaller size
  7. not hate my picture taken
  8. less food cravings/more self control
Part of me feels like I still need to sit down and put my heart into a why list, but at least this has got me thinking about it again. 

Question: Do you like lists? What kind of lists do you make?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hello? Is Anyone There?

Wow! It is hard to believe I have not been on to write a post in months. There are a few different reasons as to why I have not been posting though.

The first reason is that my personal life has been super busy these past few months. I have been traveling almost every weekend or if I am home I have been out with friends & family. More on that later.

The second reason is that blogging involves sharing personal information. When I started the blog, I knew what I would be blogging about and who that would most likely entail. My weight loss journey was half over and I knew the key people in my life. Getting a divorce complicated things. My ex and some of his family knew about the blog. Plus we have mutual friends and I wasn't ready to share.

I am now ready to share my thoughts and experiences. However, this is your warning... if you do not want to know about certain details you should stop reading/following this blog. There are some specifics I will not share; however, I will my thoughts and how my life has been impacted. 

I look forward to sharing my successes and failures with you in the near future. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Check-In: 2016 Goals

To be honest I have NOT done well with my goals so far this year, but I figured it would probably do me some good to look back over them. While I am a bit disappointed in not being where I would like to be with these goals right now; I am not going to beat myself up. 

The beginning of the year was very difficult for me, which can be seen in a previous post. I was depressed and angry. I was not living. I was coloring, watching lots of TV, and binge eating. So while I am not where I want to be with the goals I made at the beginning of the year... I am living again. I am cooking, working out, reading, cleaning my house, and so much more. 

So with that said... here are the goals I made at the beginning of 2016. Let's take a look... 

2016 Goals
    • I have currently read 18 books and I am 8 books behind schedule.  
  • RUN 5K (run the whole thing)
    • I walked a 5k this weekend with my family (Mom, brother, & SIL). To be honest I have not felt like running... so I haven't made it a priority. There are different reasons for that feeling, but after not working out and finally getting back in the swing of things I am just happy I am moving again. 
  • READ & PRAY 10 MINUTES/DAY FOR 4 DAYS/WEEK (at least 4 days/week)
    • This seems to come & go... I do well and then I don't do well. Part of it was that I wasn't feeling the Psalms so I am currently reading Matthew. I am not doing well with this yet again. :( 
    • Again... Not as well as I want! I haven't been using YNAB or budgeting like I am supposed to and should be doing. SHAME! :( However, it is something I am thinking about. I did take FPU (Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey) at my church this spring. It was a great class and I highly recommend it. 
  • REACH GOAL WEIGHT (135 lbs)
    • Alright ya'll... this is something I am currently getting back into the swing of things. I have gained a lot of the weight I had originally lost back over this past year. I have been angry and depressed over this... However, after seeing a picture of myself about month ago I have gotten back on track. I will do an updated post on this if you want to stay tuned. :)
  • 75+ BLOG POSTS
    • Well if you keep up on the blog you know this hasn't happened. This is actually my 11th post of the year so I am only 25-ish posts behind. Gulp! 


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mackinaw City Vacation

One of the first things my counselor had me do after I started to see him was to make a list of things I wanted to do in my future as a newly single woman.  When you are married all of your future plans include your spouse in some way. So to make plans future plans without including someone else was... different.

I don’t remember everything I had planned originally. It would be interesting to see if I could find the list I had made. The big one for me was to plan a vacation alone. I love traveling, but to travel alone made me a little anxious. My ex-husband planned all of our vacations. He traveled frequently so booking the accommodations and whatever mode of transportation we needed was something he always did.
My cabin with a view! 

When I originally decided to go on vacation my thought was to go somewhere I could possibly drive and be a tourist for a week. My thought was Kentucky, Tennessee, or somewhere where there was a
lot for me to do and see. However, as time passed I kept envisioning a long weekend in a cabin near a lake. When I remember pictures my friend had shared on Facebook of a vacation she took with her family to Mackinaw City. After talking with her about the campground where they rented cabin with a view, I decided this would be my first vacation. Especially after talking with others who all loved the same campground!

The view! 

So I rented a cabin for the weekend with a view of Mackinaw Bridge. It was marvelous! There was a ton of reading, some journaling, picture taking, wine, and a lot of relaxation. I watched the sun set on Friday night and I had a great workout with a view on Saturday morning. After my workout I spent some time in the book of Matthew. I did go into Mackinaw City and do some shopping. I couldn’t leave without some fudge!

Tasting my wine while doing a wine tasting word search! 

The whole trip was marvelous! There was time for reflection on the past year and even more time dreaming of what lies ahead. My only complaint would be that it was not long enough! J At the same time for my first trip alone it was the perfect length of time. I look forward to planning my next vacation!

Where are/have you gone on vacation recently?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I apologize that I have been Missing In Action (MIA) for the past couple months. As much as I do enjoy the "Favorites" posts, I couldn't think of any for April and May got away from me. To be honest, May was busy and a bit emotional for me. The beginning of May was the one year mark of when my ex walked out on me and decided to end our marriage. My Mom, oldest brother & sister-in-law, and youngest brother all moved. I had two graduations this month both a bit emotional for me in different ways. And on top of all of that, I decided to do a detox for 4 days. What was I thinking?!?!

The one year mark was... well, weird. I don't know... It was a whole lot of emotions rolled into a day. I thought I would be healed and moving on by this point. I believe for the most part I have healed. However, I still have some things to get over. Unfortunately with divorce there is a lot of loss. You have not only lost your spouse (and that title carries multiple titles within it), but you have lost family, friends, and so much more. I also think it ending the way it did has caused some hard feelings.

On the other hand... I have realized my strength, found my independence, learned the meaning of family and friendship, have God back in my life, and so much more. I am not sure what remains for 2016, but I look forward to more amazing adventures. I also hope to be better about posting and getting back on the band wagon as far as my health. More on that soon!

What have you been up to the past few months??

Sunday, April 3, 2016

March Favorites

I am not sure when March ended? I think with the snow on the ground has thrown me off. So sorry this is a little late. I am hopeful the weather is going to warm up this month. I am ready for a pedicure and some peep toes.

So without making you wait any longer here are my favorites for the month:

1. She Reads Truth App - I have been really enjoying this application. It has helped me to do daily devotions. Even though I am currently not getting into the word as much as I would like, but it helps me. I love the devotional part of it too.

2. No Longer Slaves by Jonathan & Melissa Heiser - The past month while I have been in a slump my counselor directed me to this song.

3. Soduku - Apparently this is my puzzle of choice this month. Plus per the December issue of Women's Health (page 36) can help with food cravings. I have been playing the games on my phone while watching Gilmore Girls! :)

4. One Pot Taco Rice & Chicken - I can't tell you how many times I have cooked this meal. I love that it requires only one pot! I love that it feeds me for a week! And it is delicious. I just portion them out, heat them up, and then add some cheese & tortilla strips. Yummy!

5. Scarves - I have been loving scarves lately. I don't know if there is much else to say. 

It doesn't hurt to add some big hoops!