Monday, March 30, 2015

March 2015 & Yearly Goal Progress

So we made it through March! It is so nice to see the sun out! In Michigan it is supposed to be in the 50's for the week. I drove with my sunroof open and the windows down this afternoon. I am loving the fresh air. I can't wait to open all the windows in the house! Anyways...

If you read my post about Goals you will know that I forgot to make my normal 3-5 goals for March.  So instead I made two goals about half way through the month. 

March Goals
  • Loose 2 pounds (This would put me at 164 pounds)
  • Decrease my 5K time to under 43 minutes

My 5K time is at approximately 42:30 minutes. I did not make the 164 pounds, but I will in April. I am not going to beat myself up though. From here I pick myself up and work on getting out of the 160's! 

Here are my recorded measurements at various times since I started in September 2013. I am going to try and get my measurements taken every three months. The total pounds lost below is from my heaviest of 212 pounds and not the 203 pounds from when I started.

                        September 2013      March 2014      December 2014      March 2015       Total Lost
Weight -          203                            195.9                176.4                         167                     45 pounds
Waist -             47 inches                  41                     38.5                           38                       9 inches
Hip -                50 inches                  46                     44                              40.5                    9.5 inches 
Thigh -            21 inches                  19.5                  20                              19.5                    1.5 inches
Arm -              13 inches                   12                     12.5                           11.5                    1.5 inches

2015 Goals/Projects
  • Read 50 books  - I have currently read 14 books & I am halfway through book 15. It's a long book. No judgement!
  • Run 5K in under 40 minutes - I am working on this. I still need to sign up for a 5K this summer. 
  • Reach goal weight of 135  I am currently at 165 on my scale when I weighed 3/30/15. I am still celebrating this since I haven't seen this weight since I was married in October 2008!

How did you do on your goals in March? 


  1. Congratulations on meeting the 43minute goal!

    1. Thanks! I think it is going to start getting a little bit harder for me now, but I am going to keep pushing! :)