Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Goals & April Goals Reviewed

Where did April go? It feels like yesterday I was writing about Easter. I just wanted sunshine and warmer weather. Thankfully the sunshine is out and it is warmer. Unfortunately, I didn't do well this month with my goals.

April Goals:
  • Loose 6+ pounds (putting me at 159 pounds) - I haven't lost any weight & hovered around 166.
  • Workout 6x week - I worked out 6 days every week, but my first week back to work I got in approximately 4 workouts.
  • Decrease 5K time (going to aim for under 41 minutes - 1:30 decrease) - I ran 40:56 yesterday (4/28/15). 
  • Food Prep - I need to work on this with my new job. I also talked with my trainer & need to focus on my decreasing my carbs and fat while increasing my protein. 
  • Win DietBet: April 1st - April 28th - NEGATIVE!
It feels as if I have been focused solely on the weight loss and not my health lately. Thankfully, I have a great friend who is also my personal trainer that is always there to help me. She helped me to refocus during my last session with her. For my May goals I have decided to focus on my nutrition and my overall health. I want to focus on my food and pushing myself further with my workouts

May Goals:
  • Continue to work on decreasing my 5K time (under 40 minutes)
  • Plan my meals weekly (lunch, dinner, & snacks)
  • Eat healthy & stay around macronutrients (carbs, fat, & protein) for 10+ days
  • Push myself in strength training

In May I decided not to focus on trying to loose a certain amount of weight. I want to focus on pushing myself with my strength workouts, continue to push myself running, and to really concentrate on my nutrition. Here is to a great May!

How did you do with your April goals? What goals do you have planned for May?

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