Saturday, April 4, 2015


I love presents! Not going to lie. I love giving them to people and I enjoy receiving them. B doesn't help. He gives great gifts! I love finding something you know someone else will love or giving them something they wouldn't buy themselves.

So when I reach one of my goals I reward myself. I give myself a gift! If it is a difficult goal or there are a couple "big" goals than I may even let myself have more than one reward! I have treated myself to a pedicure, new shoes, new clothes, a massage, and more. My next goal is a pair of new shoes when I reach 162 pounds. I have been wanting a new pair of running/workout shoes and have a wish list on Zappos already. Less than 5 pounds!

In September I had a good friend of mine (& fashionista) take me shopping. It was the first time I had been shopping in years and it was a blast! Previously I bought all my clothes online because I hated shopping. I have a petite frame, but being in plus size clothing made shopping difficult. I would have to take two sizes of everything to see what fit me. Nothing fit me right and so I just bought items I knew would fit me correctly online. So it was a blast to basically buy a new wardrobe in my new & smaller size.

My reward list and my monthly goals are posted on a small motivation board so I see them every morning when I get ready. When I reach my goal weight I am going to have a spa day! Woot! The rewards at different milestones help me to concentrate on the little milestones. It is easier to focus on 10 pounds at a time than it is to than to focus on 80 pounds. 

Do you reward yourself? What kind of rewards?


  1. I think the best part of losing weight is clothes shopping!

    1. I agree! It is so fun to buy smaller sizes.