Thursday, April 9, 2015

20 Random Facts

I thought for my 20th post that I would give you 20 random facts about myself.

  1. I have one tattoo on my lower back. It is two hearts connected. For my bachelorette party seven out of eight of us went and got tattoos. We did not plan this, but it was a great memory. My girls are amazing and it was one of the best nights of my life! :)
  2. I hate mice! Scared to death of them. Not gonna lie. 
  3. Pet peeves: I hate when people put empty containers/boxes back in the cupboard, fridge, etc. I also hate when people do not use their blinkers when turning. GROWL!
  4. Nicknames: Stephie; Steph; PeeWee; Mag; Maggie
  5. I have a crush on Hugh Jackman! ;) 
  6. I am not a morning person! 
  7. I love Marvel movies! I have been hooked since I watched the first X-Men movie with B. 
  8. I love the movie Grease! I wanted to be Sandy when I was younger.
  9. I have been in three car "crashes." 
    1. The first time I had to call the cops because I hit a cow yearling on my way home. Yup! You read that correctly!! I hit a cow! The cows used to get out all of the time down the road. I bumped the yearling in the butt just enough to leave a small dent in my car. I had to call the non-emergency line and they went to put me on hold to laugh and hung up.
    2. I was T-boned by a semi. It was snowing and the roads were horrible so everyone was going pretty slow. I only suffered from whip lash. In the end I was shaken up pretty bad. 
    3. Last year someone pulled out in front of me and I hit them. It was one of the only nice days that winter, but the gentleman didn't look both ways. 
  10. I have three brothers, one sister, two step-sisters, and two sister-in-laws. 
  11. One of my absolutely favorite books is BFG by Roald Dahl. 
  12. I love children, but do not plan on having any of my own. I borrow them all the time and have numerous friends children that call me "Aunt Steph." 
  13. My Grandma was the best roommate ever!!! I lived with her the last few years in college. 
  14. I have been dying my hair since I was a senior in high school (17 years old). 
  15. I studied abroad for my Spanish minor twice. I went to Puerto Rico the first time for three weeks and Spain and Portugal the second time for three weeks. They were both amazing. 
  16. I do not know how to swim. :( I can doggie paddle, but other than that I sink. I am tempted to try and get swim lessons. Is that weird? Adult swim lessons?
  17. My favorite foods to indulge in are pepperoni pizza, cheeseburger, and sweets!
  18. I love roses. My favorite are red roses, but any color works!
  19. I love wine and martini's!
  20. I would like to take a photography class and learn how to use all of the features on the camera B got me for Christmas.
Did you learn anything? Tell me a random fact about you in the comments!!