Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Goals & August Recap

Another month gone by wtihout a lot of progress. I keep going though. Every step is progress back in the right direction. There were a few life lessons learned this month, but I have a feeling it will be like that for a bit. I wouldn't mind if they were more of a tap on the shoulder lesson instead of a punch in the face lesson though. Just sayin'...

August Goals:
  • Workout 4 times per week 
  • No fast food
  • Eat healthier & cook/prep food more
  • Loose weight (I would like to get back into the 160's) 

So in all honesty I don't think I did any of these. I haven't looked at the times per week I have worked out, but I don't believe I did 4 times each week. I know I ate Burger King and McDonald's this month. :( I am not going to lie there was a night of drinking (one of my "punch in the face" lessons) and McDonald's was the next day. 

There was more food prep in August than there has been previously, but not as much as I wanted or intended. I also did not loose weight this month. Sigh... With that said it is still up and down for me emotionally. There were some heartbreaking things discovered, Brandon moved all of "his stuff" out, I was tired of thinking and drank one night, and more. 

Somedays it feels like every day I fall apart, but I know I will be okay. One day at a time; moment by moment. I will get through it. With that said... September goals!

September Goals:
  • NO DRINKING!!! - (glass of wine at my Thirty One Party in late September)
  • Get workouts in; Plan for 6-7 days a week 
  • Plan & prep food for lunch and dinner
  • Win bet with Mom! :) We have a bet to get to a certain weight by the end of the month. GULP! Basically I have ten pounds to loose by the end of the month. I gained weight after last weekend. It was 7 pounds. (head smack) BOO! 
Whoever wins the bet pays for a pedicure, movie, or dinner. :) Nothing huge, but a little competition never hurt anyone. 

What did you accomplish in August? What do you have planned for September?

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