Tuesday, July 7, 2015


This Saturday I have a 5K. It is the first one I have run in two years and I am nervous. I have been running/walking on the treadmill since the first week in January. My time has definitely improved over the past six months, but it is definitely different then running outside.

Multiple people have told me I would run faster outside. To be honest I have no idea what speed I am running while cruising around the neighborhood; however, I think it is faster. :) I am walking a few more times than when I am on the treadmill, but my time has been under 40 minutes for the 3.12 miles for the first time.

I have one more run outside planned this week, but I will have to see how I do on Saturday. I hope to just be able run most of it and do it in under 45 minutes. I would really like to do it in 40 minutes or less though. 

I hope you all have a great week. Let me know if you have any big things coming up soon!