Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hello? Is Anyone There?

Wow! It is hard to believe I have not been on to write a post in months. There are a few different reasons as to why I have not been posting though.

The first reason is that my personal life has been super busy these past few months. I have been traveling almost every weekend or if I am home I have been out with friends & family. More on that later.

The second reason is that blogging involves sharing personal information. When I started the blog, I knew what I would be blogging about and who that would most likely entail. My weight loss journey was half over and I knew the key people in my life. Getting a divorce complicated things. My ex and some of his family knew about the blog. Plus we have mutual friends and I wasn't ready to share.

I am now ready to share my thoughts and experiences. However, this is your warning... if you do not want to know about certain details you should stop reading/following this blog. There are some specifics I will not share; however, I will my thoughts and how my life has been impacted. 

I look forward to sharing my successes and failures with you in the near future. 

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